Finding opportunities for growth calls for insight that engages stakeholders, inspires strategy and directs brand activity. We call it Insight with Traction.

Generating, analysing and interpreting insight from multiple sources – consumers, shoppers, current data, semiotics, cultural drivers, The Fringe as well as your own stakeholders – means that we find potential, not just insights.

Our approach to strategy is pragmatic, commercial, based on insight and focused on outcomes. Our approach to strategy is only as good as the actions it drives, our Accelerator Brand Plan™ sets out and prioritises the specific strategies for what a brand needs to do to stay relevant and keep the brand on track.

To create traction, we bring insight to life. Working with our design team, we create an insight story that will engage your stakeholders, trade partners and your other partners

What we do
  • Consumer, shopper & category research
  • Stakeholder Research & Engagement
  • Qualitative – groups, depths, immersion, category audits, employee research
  • Ethnography, creative co-creation, online, mobile, social media
  • Opportunity & optimisation – qualitative
  • Quantitative – segmentation, pricing, business
  • Brand and data analytics and modelling
  • Analytics and modelling (sales, transactions, behaviours)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Culture – Trends, Semiotics, the Fringe
  • Portfolio Planning



Innovation is the engine that drives Accelerator brands. But the gap between creative ideas and commercialisation often means that innovation causes frustration.

Ideas that Work™ is our creative and commercial approach to innovation.

By tapping into multiple sources of insight and innovation – whether from consumers, your channel, your employees, the Fringe or previous work – we can successfully get through stagegates, bring the business on board and provide hands-on creative commercialisation.

Blending creative thinking with commercial and cultural realism means that we build ideas that work creatively, commercially and technically.

What we do
  • Insight for innovation – creative co-creation
  • Naming & brand architecture
  • Ethnography, semiotics
  • Culture change, training & facilitation
  • Idea generation & trends
  • Design, production & prototyping
  • Commercial opportunity & market mapping



Confident acquisition requires a view of the future.

If you’re acquiring, there’s a need to go beyond or even pre-empt conventional due diligence and identify the future potential in the brand. If you’re a vendor, you’ll want to show prospective acquirers the untapped opportunities, for them to leverage during their ownership and for their eventual exit.

Our brand M&A support identifies where the untapped opportunities lie in a brand or portfolio. We do this from a consumer and category perspective and quantify the future brand value with Brand Potential Forecaster TM.

And because we have hands-on experience of taking brands to market, we can work with the management team post-deal to quickly and consistently implement the highest-returning ideas.

What we do
  • Brand and Consumer opportunity research
  • Category analysis and portfolio mapping
  • Market mapping & sizing
  • Opportunity scoping & sizing
  • Product & service innovation opportunities
  • Consumer and category trends
  • Future-focused brand report
  • Operationalising insight and ideas



People engage with stories. We design brand stories that inspire people, both inside and outside your business.

By understanding the needs and different motivations of all your audiences – your people, stakeholders, investors, channel, trade customers or consumers – and their relationship with the brand, we’ll build and deliver a compelling brand story that they can all engage with.

Whether it’s a brand internalisation programme, or a trade story for the sales team, we design and deliver programmes that will connect your audiences directly to your insight and strategy.

What we do
  • Brand Stories – Proposition, positioning, personality visualisation
  • Brand Identity – Design, architecture and creative guidelines
  • Brand Internalisation – Internal comms & engagement, values programmes, brand storytelling & films
  • Design – Packaging, 3D, environmental, events