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Making best-laid schemes work

Last month’s Burns Night celebrations reminded me of the line in Robert Burns’ famous poem To a Mouse: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley.”

Now, it might be that we’re obsessed, but as Brand Consultants, we love helping brands connect better with their target consumers.  At its best, brand positioning and brand definition work can help set the strategic, creative and commercial direction of a business and drive growth.

But all too often we hear about the best laid schemes of marketeers and agencies going awry.  Brand definition work is hard, and frequently fails to connect; whether it’s getting overlooked by internal audiences or struggling to land with target consumers, smart work and creative thinking can all too easily fall by the wayside.  So often this is because it’s conducted as a disconnected, theoretical exercise.

It’s such a shame when the output of brand positioning work is only an abstract model, capturing digital dust on a server somewhere.  Or when creative work gets discarded because it’s detached from commercial and consumer insight.  At Brand Potential, this sounds like our worst nightmare: we hate the idea of work that’s hard to use.   As Burns might say, we’re left with “nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy.”

That’s why our aim with brand definition work is to inspire action and unleash the potential in a brand.  We call this Dynamic Brand Building.  Working with brand owners and investors, we create brand stories with outputs that can engage all audiences and inspire commercial and creative decision making.  Our recent work has helped Ella’s Kitchen develop OddPops a new snacking brand for kids,  re-define the Forest Holidays brand following its acquisition by Phoenix Equity Partners and we’ve developed a new global positioning, architecture and identity for Farnborough International.

If you want to know more about how we do this, or just want to talk about poetry, please get in touch.


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